BOOM is Now TrainingBoom

Monday, April 24th, 2017

A Special Announcement

The past few years have been exciting for us. We’ve been growing significantly and recently rebranded with an eye toward the future.

BOOM is now TrainingBoom. Our new site is live here at

When I formed the company back in 2008, I was focused on determining if there was a market for high-quality online subject training for pilots who fly for hire at price point that the midsize operator could afford.

I’m proud to say that the market has shown the need for online pilot training for part 135 and 121 with the quality of the top-end providers, yet with more support and customization abilities than the inexpensive, software-only providers.

Now I’m focused on our new goal:

Our vision is to have every aviation operator in the United States using online pilot training by 2027.

 That’s a big vision, and to achieve it, we need to ensure that each and every one of our customers is proud that they entrusted TrainingBoom to train their pilots.

If you’re still using classroom training, we’d be happy to show you how other operators have reduced their training costs and improved their training quality while easing the training burden on their pilots.

And if you’re with another online training provider and need 100% content customization and live human support, we’d be happy to show you how we fill the gap in the middle of the online training provider market.

Or, hear it directly from our customers.

Best Regards,

Kent Thompson
Founder and CEO, TrainingBoom

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