End of Summer 2020 Update: FAA SAFO COVID-19 Training Added

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2020

OCA Operations during Covid-19 Emergency

As we outlined in our last post in May, the pandemic and lockdowns created a surge in interest in FAR Part 135 and Part 121 online training. It’s the event that forced the final shift from classroom training to online training.

Like many online businesses, we’ve been busier than ever over the past six months. One project that we completed was to update our training content to include the new SAFO issued by the FAA on 07-06-20.

The new training subject is titled Operations in Oceanic Airspace during the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. The training addresses new recommended actions when suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19 among ATC facility staff and the technicians that provide service to ATC Oceanic facilities have led to, and will likely continue to, result in intermittent, partial or total closures of ATC facilities which may occur with little or no warning.

The training modules address the following:

  • Flights within any oceanic airspace
  • Flights approaching any oceanic airspace when the contingency is activated
  • Standard oceanic checks
  • Eight additional recommendations

We also provide customized content for each operator, which is something that we take pride in at TrainingBoom. Pilots need customized content, not generic content, and we’ve designed this process into our learning management system. You don’t get this with most other online providers.

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