FAR Part 135 Basic Indoctrination Training

Tuesday, January 23rd, 2018

TrainingBoom has been providing FAR part 135 basic indoctrination training via our online training platform since 2008. This enables pilots to complete their FAA-required training from any mobile device or computer without having to travel to a classroom, which saves them time and saves their operator money.

Our online training software allows operators and their pilots to meet the training requirements of the FAA’s Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) for Part 135 Initial and Recurrent training. TrainingBoom also provides Part 121 Initial and Recurrent Training.

TrainingBoom Modules for FAR Part 135 Basic Indoctrination Training

The primary modules of TrainingBoom’s Part 135 basic indoctrination training include:

  • CRM – Reinforcement of CRM Skills, Markers, Communications, Coordination, Workload Management, Situational Awareness
  • TSA 12-5 Security – Covers the TSA training requirements for 12-5 Operators

TrainingBoom handles the complete customization of content for aircraft operators, handles pilot onboarding and provides pilot support throughout the year, falling into the mid-range category with the support and customization of the high-end providers.

FAR Part 135 Basic Indoctrination Training

Other topics covered in our training library include:

  • ADS-B
  • Aeronautical Charts
  • Airport Signage, Lighting, and Markings
  • Airplane Upsets
  • Airspace and ATC Procedures
  • Appropriate Provisions of 14 CFR
  • ATC Systems, Procedures & Phraseology
  • Aviation Safety Action Program (ASAP)
  • CFIT Avoidance
  • Class G Airspace and Non-Tower Airport Operations
  • Eligible On-Demand Operations
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Flight Locating Procedures
  • G600 Avionics Familiarization
  • General Emergency
  • Ground Crew Communications
  • Hazmat – Will Carry
  • Hazmat – Will Not Carry
  • Inflight Icing
  • International Operations
  • Land and Hold Short Operations
  • Low Visibility Ground Operations
  • Meteorology – Reporting Sources
  • Meteorology – Weather Systems
  • Navigation
  • Operations Manual
  • Physiology – General
  • Physiology – High Altitude
  • RNAV (GPS) Approaches
  • Runway Incursion Avoidance
  • RVSM
  • Security and Inspections
  • TAWS
  • TCAS
  • Visual Cues for Descent Below Minimums
  • Volcanic Ash
  • Wake Turbulence
  • Weather Radar
  • Weight and Balance
  • Windshear Avoidance
  • Winter Operations
  • Workplace Harassment


The Part 135 Basic Indoctrination Training Experience with TrainingBoom

Training is about teaching — about the user’s interaction with the content. The quality of the software is the first thing that a pilot notices.

Our online training software is always available and easily accessible by pilots across the different devices that they use, while providing an intuitive interface and an effective combination of visuals, text, audio and video. We’ve invested heavily in creating our high-quality learning management system that is designed to maximize the learning experience.

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