Kent Thompson


Kent’s passion, work ethic and pursuit of excellence have defined his career in several highly charged and dynamic aviation environments, and fueled the formation and success of TrainingBoom.

TrainingBoom began in 2008 with Kent’s vision to provide a web-based aviation training program for FAR Part 135 and 121 training that would not only meet FAA requirements, but also keep pilots engaged and educated. Historically, aviation training had consisted of many mind-numbing hours in a classroom, negatively affecting pilot productivity and morale. Kent was committed to providing a better way.

With his robust and expansive background, Kent is recognized as an expert in the field of flight and aviation training. Over his career, Kent has logged more than 11,000 accident and incident-free flight hours. He spent 34 years with FexEx Corporation, serving in many key roles, including Simulator Instructor, Flight Manager, Check Airman, and Airbus Flight Standards Manager.

Kent earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Aeronautical Management Technology from Arizona State University, and served as a Naval Aviator and Officer in the United States Navy.


  • FAR 121 Check Airman
  • Simulator Instructor
  • FAA Aircrew Program Designee
  • Certified Flight Instructor – Multiengine and Instrument
  • Advanced Ground Instructor

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